We’re all about building the mind-body connection through movement. Yoga enhances your spiritual and physical strength. The practice focuses on alignment, breathing and mindfulness. Yoga improves balance, flexibility, strength and calms the central nervous system. Let yoga help you find inner peace and harmony resulting in reduced stress throughout your daily life. Whether you are a new yogi or seasoned practicer our classes are suited for you.


Amazing people, amazing classes and a great atmosphere all around!
— Courtney



Each class features a few moments of initial breath setup, a series of yoga poses designed to improve balance, increase flexibility and build strength, and seals with a few moments of restful meditation. Learn Yoga asanas and proper breathing that will help improve muscular strength and flexibility. Yoga will help you to clear your mind and open your heart. Open to students of all levels.




Work with one of our Yoga Alliance certified instructors to tailor your session to what your body needs. Whether you focus on relaxation, flexibility, strength or something else it is entirely at your discretion. Perfect for individuals, families or a set of friends make this private whatever you’d like it to be!
*Availability seven days a week