Pilates is a physical fitness method developed by Joseph Pilates using specifically designed equipment to improve physical strength, posture, stamina, flexibility and enhance mental awareness. All of our instructors have gone through or are currently finishing training to be 600 hour certified Power Pilates instructors.


Never slouch as doing so compresses the lungs, overcrowds other vital organs, rounds the back, and throws you off balance.
— Joseph Pilates



Private sessions or group classes utilize a systematic, integrative approach. This means the clients progress when their bodies are ready for change. We recommend all new clients to the studio for a one on one session to formulate a plan of action.




The Reformer reforms the body by providing resistance and assistance simultaneously, while on a moving base, with straps that function as a pulley system. On the Reformer you are able to work opposition, strength and flexibility training, and core stability all in one! The Pilates method teaches you the foundation of an amazing and challenging sequence. This workout is challenging and effective while keeping you safe.




Pilates mat class is the foundation of all of our programs. Every program we offer builds upon the information learned during this class. Students will learn proper alignment, breath, core engagement, and flexibility training. This class will focus on strength, stamina, and fluidity.

I’m probably not going to be the first guy to say this, but after doing a couple of pilates sessions with Britney I really enjoy it. I am using muscles I didn’t know I had and strengthen my core at the same time. After these couple of sessions, I feel great and my posture is a lot better. I would definitely recommend pilates to anyone.
— Kenneth