Changing the lives of those we touch one breath and one moment at a time through authentic Yoga, Classical Pilates, and Adaptive Resistance Training. Allowing transformation of the body to high levels of strength, beauty, and freedom from pain. Maintaining balance in all areas of life with a strong will and a clear mind.

The Pilates & Yoga Loft strives to change the lives of others one breath and one movement at a time through safe and effective regimens. We are the only studio educating the entire body and mind for wellness. As well as serving as a wellness resource and sanctuary, we give insightful instruction, deliver superior service, and bring value to our clients and their lives.

Our krewe are holistic healers who assist in the transformation of your mind, body and spirit. Our Pilates and Yoga instructors have a minimum of 600 hours of training. We have two registered nurses on staff, a cancer exercise specialist, an engineer, and physical therapists to name a few. Private sessions or group classes utilize a systematic, integrative approach. This means the clients progress when their bodies are ready for change. This system assists in inspiring, motivating, and encouraging physical activity that enhances clients lives through performing activities of daily living with ease. This allows behavioral change, realistic goal setting, a stronger relationship between the instructor and client, and helps the client to live and thrive.

The latest addition to our center is Adaptive Resistance Exercise, which is a revolutionary technology that maximizes your workout and time every session. No more injuries. No more wasted time. No more feeling let down by gimmicky machines or the latest fitness fads. ARX was built using scientifically backed principles that will give you an experience like you have never had before. We are the only studio in Louisiana to offer this regimen, which works perfectly with Yoga and Pilates.

We collaborate with wellness professionals such as chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists, Thai massage therapists and other body healers to offer clients a true community. We offer career opportunities through instructor training, workshops and continuing education programs. We provide a supportive, tranquil environment where clients can develop a sense of community and belonging. 

Our studio provides career opportunities through instructor training and workshops, and continuing education. We also develop partnerships with companies and health organizations that offer services or products that enhance the lives of our clients. We strive to become better, more informed, and more educated everyday. 

When all of this happens, we feel our staff and clients are able to lead balanced lives and truly enjoy quality time with family and friends.

I couldn’t love this place more! The instructors are so very warm and welcoming, the studio space is beautiful, and the work out is EVERYTHING!! I’m so thankful for the strength I’ve gained and the positive changes that have come through the Pilates Loft. It’s my favorite place to be!!
— Jane