Client Feature: Angenette Munos

How long have you been coming to the PYL?
I just celebrated my anniversary last month, I believe.

What about the studio has kept you a loyal client?
I keep coming to the loft because I love the atmosphere, it is a super relaxing and nice space - especially after a long day at work. Also, we have a great group that always go to our classes and I really enjoy the support and comradery. Finally, I love the instructors! Love the scents, as well.

What’s your favorite class?
I love the mix and sculpt pilates class, it is such a challenge and you really can feel the difference over time as you get stronger.

Tell us about the changes you’ve experienced.
My body has really changed! When I first came, I was struggling through just the basic mat classes. I feel significantly stronger, especially in my core. I have lost 30 pounds and 4 inches on my waist!

How has ARX played a role in your regimen?
ARX is amazing and has really made the difference in my muscle development. I am so thankful to have Kristin as a trainer and always feel very supported and motivated to keep going! Your positivity and attitude make the difference for me, sometimes I am just so tired but I know I will feel better if I come to class/ARX.

Evelyn Gallagher